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We choose to play our role in contributing to offer the consumers food which is healthy, safe and of organoleptic excellence.

Respect: a choice of daily life.

Respect: a choice of daily life.

We choose to play our role in contributing to offer the consumers food which is healthy, safe and of organoleptic excellence.

L’Italiana Aromi has been producing flavouring substances, natural flavouring substances, extracts and distillates for the food & beverage, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.
We combine nature and science to help our customers develop new, attractive recipes, using only the best ingredients.

Flavors for non-alcoholic beverages

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Flavors for non-alcoholic beverages

Refreshing, reviving and thirst-quenching: over the past few years, soft drinks and flavoured waters have been evolving to meet consumers’ demands and new habits. From classic crowd-pleasing recipes to new blends enriched with functional ingredients and health-focused benefits, the possibilities are endless and so are our products.

For decades we have been producing flavours for unforgettable drinks, making us the ideal partner for all your non-alcoholic beverage needs.


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Extracts and flavours for beverage infusions

Staying hydrated is the key to good health! For this reason, consumers increasingly seek for natural products with healthy properties and an authentic taste, like home made.

We are among the first producers of brewed tea in Europe, and we boast a long-term, consolidated experience in the extraction by infusion technique. We only use top class raw materials such as flowers, fruits, herbs, seeds and roots, which give the finished product excellent organoleptic properties. Beverage produced with our infusions are versatile and can be served both cold and hot.


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Adding taste to nourishing products.

When it comes to dairy products, consumers are increasingly looking for clean labels, high quality and authenticity. Our wide range of flavours complements the natural notes of milk and other dairy products, ensuring the natural characteristics of the raw material are blended into a unique and refined flavour experience – without compromising on nutrition.

Thanks to our extensive expertise, we can help you select the right product for your needs; from subtle flavours to more exotic combinations, from sweet to savoury notes, we will help you achieve the right balance for any dairy product.


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Sweet notes for baked goods.

Whether it’s for a special occasion or as a daily treat, bakery products are a firm favourite amongst people of all ages and backgrounds. Birthday cake? Morning croissant? After-school snack? Tea and biscuits?

Our products offer a wide range of flavour profile combinations to satisfy all tastes – from the more classic to the extravagant ones.

Thanks to our extensive research and development, and careful selection of raw materials, we can provide a stable and reliable product without sacrificing on quality and taste.


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A balanced intensity of taste, stability, low-sugar content or sugar-free: the new consumer’s needs reflect a deep change in everyday diet and lifestyle. Besides the accurate selection of raw materials and the use of new generation techniques, we put our passion and commitment to guarantee a natural and healthy but still pleasing and satisfying taste. Our heart is the added ingredient.

Sugar and Chocolate Confectionery: we respond to those expanding markets with balanced, tasty flavours and semi-finished fruit products, also enriched with functional extracts.


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Natural flavors and extracts for the savoury sector

Method of preparation, use of cutting-edge technologies, fine selection of raw materials: we are expert partners for the savoury sector.

We offer authentic, Italian-style flavours that can turn a dish into a real taste experience and a wide range of flavourings for all food cultures.

Our flavourists know how to give the industrial product that personal touch that improves taste, and makes it authentic and balanced.

savoury snacks

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Our flavours for your savoury snacks.


Playful, classic or completely unexpected: snacks provide an experience that combines notes and textures in surprising ways. Whether it’s to be consumed with a drink, to be dipped in sauce, or just on its own, there’s a savoury or sweet snack for every time of the day. Increasingly health-conscious consumers are now looking for more than just a fun experience. Plant-based, and protein-rich offerings lead the way to a better and more nutritionally balanced lifestyle. Whether it’s puffed, baked or fried; crunchy, salty or sweet; health-conscious or just purely indulgent, our product portfolio covers all your snack needs, providing the right flavours to delight your customers all around the world.