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We collaborate with customers all over the world – creating world class products, manufactured through our state of the art operations, with an unshakable commitment to safety, quality and sustainability.

We collaborate with customers all over the world – creating world class products, manufactured through our state of the art operations, with an unshakable commitment to safety, quality and sustainability.

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Our vision is to be the global leader in collagen-based solutions by converting the full potential of the collagen molecule into solutions that sustain people’s health and well-being and by working with our customers to achieve their goals.

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Committed to the highest standards

With Rousselot, you can be sure of consistent, world-class products that meet the highest global quality, safety and sustainability standards, delivered in spec and on time – thanks to our rigorous application of quality and performance indicators.

To create the best products for our customers, we invest in the latest technologies, advanced automation systems and best practice models. This ensures we – and our customers – maintain a competitive advantage.


With 16 state-of-the-art production facilities located on four continents you can be confident of a regular and reliable product supply. Each of these sites adheres to strict quality controls throughout the manufacturing process. We utilize recognized corporate programs – 5S, six sigma and Kaizen for example – to ensure we continue to deliver quality process improvements.
We practice comprehensive quality management to comply with the highest international standards. All our production methods and processes are documented, and each finished product is subjected to intensive testing before shipping. Our certifications include IFS (all our plants), ISO 9001 as well as specific feed certificates such as GMP+ and FCA for the plants and products to which these schemes apply. All our plants are Kosher certified and seven of them are Halal certified. For more information about our certifications.


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Great looks, excellent flavor, irresistible mouthfeel

Creating dairy foods and beverages that offer consumers the kind of looks, flavor and texture they will keep coming back for is the fundamental aim of dairy manufacturers around the world. Our gelatins and collagens help to reach this goal as they offer key advantages in a variety of dairy applications. They help prevent syneresis, improve foaming and stabilize the aerated structure. A minor addition of gelatin will provide that soft, creamy texture dairy lovers cannot resist.

With gelatin, you can make dairy trendier than it already is

With dairy consumption growing worldwide, our gelatins enable you to seize the opportunity by using gelatin as a reliable means of reducing fat and sugar content, while enhancing looks, flavor and texture. On top of that, gelatin – a pure protein of natural content – is a great ally in the ‘protein push’.

  • Mousses
    In mousse products, our gelatins and collagens can add value with their foaming, stabilizing and water-binding properties.
  • Quark
    Your quark products in particular will benefit from gelatin’s water-binding and texturizing properties. Our ingredients also help prevent syneresis and improve stability.
  • Dessert creams
    Gelatin in dessert creams has a strong texturizing and water-binding effect, creating a perfect mouthfeel and stability over time.
  • Creamy yogurts with an improved shelf life
    We have the ideal ingredients for providing your yogurt products with a bright appearance and a smooth, firm, consistent texture. Our gelatins are widely used in yogurts, because of their excellent texturizing, binding, stabilizing and foaming properties.
  • Ice creams and water ices
    You can add value to your ice creams and water ices by using gelatin’s stabilizing and foaming properties to create the perfect structure and mouthfeel. Gelatins also prevent the formation of ice crystals during prolonged storage. Used in association with other stabilizing agents, gelatin can give your finished product a remarkably slow melting rate and a characteristic texture.


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Delight consumers with the best of confectionery

Confectionery products give consumers of all ages pleasure, fun and enjoyment. And Rousselot Functional Ingredients is eager to help you make your confectionery products successful.

Confectionery is all about organoleptic perception, indulgence, texture and flavor release. With our highly versatile ingredients, backed by our in-depth technical and formulation expertise, you can achieve the results you want: elastic, hard, chewy – you name it, we can help you create it. Just play with gel strength or viscosity, gelatin type or concentration, and discover the exciting options.

An inescapable ingredient for the confectionery industry

Gelatin has been used in the food industry for hundreds of years. Today, it is an inescapable ingredient for achieving the perfect texture in a range of confectionery and other food products. Its thermo-reversibility is unique and essential in a vast range of confectionery applications. Its popularity is also attributable to its gelling, foaming, stabilizing, texturizing, binding and emulsifying functionalities. Gelatin is water-soluble, totally digestible and compatible with most other hydrocolloids, including vegetable colloids such as agar-agar, alginates, carrageenans and pectins, as well as sugars, corn syrups, edible acids and flavors – all popular in confectionery.

Meat and fish aspics

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Gelatins and collagens, a natural complement to meat-based products

Rousselot Functional Ingredients offers premium gelatins and collagens that are pure animal proteins and can be used as a natural complement to meat-based products. Their binding, emulsifying, stabilizing and gelling properties make them ideal ingredients for diverse meat, fish and aspic products.

Suitable for many meat applications

Gelatin and collagen are high-quality proteins suitable for many meat applications.

  • Cooked pressed ham and cooked shoulder
  • Meat emulsions
  • Ham (hydrolyzed gelatin)
  • Canned meat products


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An irreplaceable dessert enhancer

Gelatin is an ingredient used in many kinds of desserts – not only by food manufacturers, but also in kitchens around the world. Its easy usability and wide range of functionalities open the door to fun, creative and perfect desserts. It is fast setting, while also adding to the brightness and transparency of desserts.

  • Water jellies: Bright, surprising desserts
    The solutions offered by Rousselot Functional Ingredients are widely used in water jellies. Their gelling and water-binding properties, combined with their ability to enhance brightness and transparency, make them ideal ingredients for creating bright, surprising jelly desserts.
  • Cake filling and coating
    You can create delicious desserts with gelatin-based cake filling and coating solutions. Gelatins are ideal ingredients for cake fillings and coatings because of their excellent foaming, coating and stabilizing properties.


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The excipient of choice for hard capsules in pharma

  • Between 2012 and 2017, hard capsules accounted for 12%(1) of all prescription-based and over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceutical products
  • In 2021, hard capsules represented 30,6% of the global supplement launches(2)
  • The global empty capsules market is anticipated to grow at over 9,3% from 2023 to 2028, reaching a value 4,9$ billion by 2028(3)

(1) FDA figures 2011 to 2017
(2) Innova Database
(3) Empty capsules market by Type – Markets and Markets-Global forecast to 2028

Getting your soft gels just right

  • Soft capsules, also known as soft gels, are a growth market. But producing them is challenging. Getting the formulation just right, while ensuring production efficiency and effective API delivery, calls for in-depth understanding of the soft gel market and the capsule production process. At Rousselot Functional Ingredients we can provide you with the support you need to succeed.